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Remember, the base model dog wash and grooming tub can be customized to your specifications to better suit the needs of you and your pet. See options & accessories below.

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*Effective November 3, 2012*

RUS-2424S 24" 24" (ID) $1,019.00
RUS-3624S 36" 24" (ID) $1,119.00
RUS-4824S 48" 24" (ID) $1,259.00
RUS-6024S 60" 24" (ID) $1,376.00
RUS-7224S 72" 24" (ID) $1,844.00

*Crating and shipping is extra.
*Taxes are extra where applicable.
Extended side panel to permit end-mounting of faucet $352.00
Standard splashmount faucet c/w 12" swing spout $163.00
Splash-mount faucet c/w 72" long flexible s/steel hose & spray faucet $419.00
Splash-mount faucet c/w 72" long flexible s/steel hose and spray faucet AND add-on spout $558.00
*NEW* T&S splashmount faucet with coiled 9ft. hose and lightweight spray valve$519.00
*NEW* T&S splashmount faucet with coiled 9ft. hose, lightweight spray valve, and add-on spout$679.00
Access (lift-out) gate on front of sink to accommodate ramp $443.00
48" ramp for sink $233.00
Storage hooks for ramp $63.00
Stainless steel shampoo holder $147.00
Removable mesh hair trap $23.00
Re-enforcing (front-to-back) bracing between legs and flanged front feet for larger breeds $130.00

Perforated work shelves to suspend in sink for smaller breeds:
for model RUS-2424S $169.00
for model RUS-3624S $188.00
for model RUS-4824S $217.00
for model RUS-6024S $253.00
for model RUS-7224S $285.00

*Specifications and prices subject to change without notice*

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